Friday, February 26, 2016

Update on Shipping

I have continued full steam since my last post about shipping out pre-orders. I’ve hauled many boxes, labeled many packages, and spent hours on the phone with tech support when things got stuck. It has been a real learning experience doing this shipping in such huge quantities.

I know there are still a small handful of you waiting on shipment notification. I apologize that it took a few days longer than anticipated. Forgive me for the delay. I assure you I’m not resting on my laurels. I’m doing my absolute honest best to get you your copies asap. Mike and Ryan were helping me today and I’ll be getting more help tomorrow. I appreciate your patience, readers!

The enthusiastic feedback is very encouraging! Keep sharing it with me!


  1. Got my copy last night and it exceeded my expectations of it. Well worth the wait.

  2. I know it's worth the wait, but man it's frustrating when you see Tom Fidgen has his in Canada, someone posted about having their copy in Europe, even Ralph (see comment above) in Rhode Island has his. I'm in New Hampshire, next state over from Joshua, and haven't seen mine yet!

    Not complaining, just whining :) I know all of you are working your tails off getting them out, and I am patient, but man I want my copy!!!!!!
    David Taylor

  3. I'm waiting as well, but as a few new planes arrive these past few weeks and today it was warm enough to be in the shop.. well, I'm not resting on my laurels, either!

  4. Hi Josh. I was in on the pre-orders fairly early (12/1 @ 9am). I don't mind the anticipation for your incredible publication, but at what point should I contact you if I don't see a shipping notice? A week, two? Again, just trying to give you as much time as you need without being a hassle...

  5. Received my copy, today. This is the kind of information I was hoping for. Excellent job.
    Kudos to Joshua and all those who contributed to this project. Looking forward to next years copy.

  6. OK, I have stopped whining. I can't. My jaw won't get up off the floor! I got my copy today, and wow, it is so good, so much better than anticipated! I just got on here to counter my whining comment - going to go absord Mortise & Tenon now!

    Joshua and co, thank you so much!

    1. Nice! I am so happy to hear your enthusiasm! Thank you!

  7. Hi Joshua,
    as much as I would like to have an unopened 2nd copy of Mortise and Tenon magazine I'll resist that urge. I got a second copy of M&T in the mail yesterday. How do you want to handle this?
    I apologize for using the comments to address this.