Sunday, February 21, 2016


Tomorrow the freight truck with thousands of magazines arrives. I have a handful of friends lined up waiting for that truck to arrive; when it does, we will commence with the packing. I think we have enough manpower to get these things to the Post Office by Tuesday afternoon but no promises. As I am about to ship Issue One out I thought it would be good to make a few comments about the connected community around M&T.

One of the most powerful things about our technologically connected world is the ability to form community around very specific interests. In what other time period could you have a community of 12,000 people enthusiastic about centuries-old furniture making methods? This opportunity to pool information and experience is something about the internet that I value highly. I’ve learned more from my interactions on blogs, Instagram, and Facebook than most other sources. But how does the high tech ultra-connected internet “community” relate to a print magazine like Mortise & Tenon? Intimately, I hope.

Until now, the first printing, M&T has existed only in the intangible land of ones and zeroes. There has been a lot of interaction on social media (Instagram and Facebook, especially) about the message and vision of M&T. There have been folks with more experience than myself chiming in to contribute their thoughts right along with those new to the craft asking beginner questions. This is wonderful and I want it to stay this way.

In both the editor’s letter and the Manifesto article of Issue One I make an invitation to readers: let’s get this conversation going. It would be a loss in my view if folks read these pages and then put it on the shelf never to engage with it. I hope M&T in print is a conversation starter rather than a final word. By using the hashtag #mtmagintheshop let’s get this conversation about pre-industrial furniture making underway. Is there something you appreciated learning in Issue One? Tell us about it. Do you have questions about something that was written in one of the articles? Ask us. Or maybe you can share a different viewpoint than the author? Show us another way. Is there a thought or quotation from an issue you’ve just got to share? By all means, share it with the world. We want to see you take the pages of M&T into the shop because this magazine belongs on your bench next to a pile of shavings. So send us pictures of what M&T means to you. Tag us on Instagram: @mortise_and_tenon_mag and use hashtag #mtmagintheshop. We want to hear your voice in the conversation.


  1. In the shavings and saw dust? I'm not sure I could do that. This is a testament of days gone by. I would have paid $50.00 for this magazine. I would even pay to have the author sign my copy, and then send it to:
    Donald Baty...53 Spring Creek Pkwy...Spring Creek, Nevada...89815
    I pre ordered my copy off your web site. You should have my card number. Thank you so much....Donald

  2. I just this morning picked up my copy of the M&T from Henry Eckert (who was not expecting it to arrive Down Under for at least another couple of weeks to a month… but it arrived late yesterday!)

    Have been hanging out for this since first reading about it a few weeks back in one of Chris Schwarz's emails…

    This is an EXCELLENT new magazine… excellent writing… excellent photos… excellent articles… excellent tactile paper stock… excellent to have NO advertisements

    Oh… and excellent service from David at Henry Eckert, Adelaide Australia

    CONGRATULATIONS on such a EXCELLENT work… can't wait to get into reading it (@ work at the moment)

    cheers from Oz