Thursday, February 4, 2016

It’s Out of My Hands Now

Yesterday morning I approved the final proofs for Issue One. It is a tremendous weight off my shoulders to know it’s out of my hands now. Because my wife Julia and I can be rather persnickety when it comes to aesthetic decisions we pored over these pages time after time to tweak each image and text column just so until we were happy. I’ve had many nights of no more than a few hours of sleep in order to refine the design to our satisfaction. Aside from the design side of things, many hours were spent combing through the text with a fine-toothed comb. Jim McConnell, Megan Fitzpatrick, Julia, and I have been through it too many times to count. I now understand why quality publications cost what they do.

So we’ve done our bit now. Issue One is designed, edited, and the proofs approved. From here on out it’s in the printer’s court. Based on recommendation, I’m using Royle Printing from Sun Prairie, WI. I’ve been very impressed with their willingness to take on a totally green start-up like myself. The account executive, Phil, has been particularly helpful in explaining technical issues and jargon in plain terms that even I can understand. He’s heard my vision for this publication and bent over backward to make sure I can deliver to you exactly what was intended. I know this thing is going to be beautiful. I’m in good hands with Royle.

I also owe tremendous thanks to many people that have advised me along the way. Chris Schwarz (Lost Art Press), Megan Fitzpatrick (Popular Woodworking), Amanda Marko (Trouve), and Jon Wilson (Wooden Boat Magazine) in particular have been the guiderails for me as I’ve been on this journey. They’ve helped me to understand the business side of print in a niche market. Mortise & Tenon simply wouldn’t exist if it were not for their immeasurable generosity.

It’s been an indescribable experience the past nine months to watch reader enthusiasm and support surround this project. To have over 10,000 people following the progress of the magazine is humbling to say the least. I never thought M&T would grow into this so quickly. It has come clear to me that although hand tool woodworking and pre-industrial furniture is a niche topic, the interest is deep.

This is the magazine I always wanted to read and now, because of your support, we can. Thank you, readers. I’m looking forward to getting you your copy of Issue One. In only two weeks, when that truck shows up at my house with a mountain of magazines, this vision will come to fruition.

If you’re wondering how to get your hands on the inaugural issue, hop over to the website to put in your order. Please note that free shipping on pre-orders ends on the 10th (only one week away).


  1. Trust you got the typo pored/poured above in the final text.

    1. This is not copy from the magazine. It's just a blog post. Maybe I should get a copy editor for the blog! Good catch.

  2. Looks beautiful, looking forward to it!

  3. Boy doesn't that look nice. I am eagerly awaiting the inaugural issue!