Saturday, January 9, 2016

Shirts, Posters, and Stickers: Now Taking Orders


I spent a large part of today doing inventory on my new M&T e-store and getting all my shipping supplies in order. It wasn’t until 10 pm tonight that I could get the domain transferred to the new store ready to take orders. It’s finally live. If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on one of the t-shirts, posters, or stickers, wait no longer. Visit the store at

This run of things is a “while supplies last” kind of deal. Having no idea of the level of interest I made a conservative call on the size of run for each item. I didn’t want to have to use t-shirts as insulation in our new house someday. When this round starts thinning out, I will be contacting my printers to restock. Shannon Brantley, who printed the excellent shirts, is standing by ready for a second run if need be. Check out the offerings. I suggest a t-shirt especially. They have a super soft, vintage feel.

Issue One Poster


  1. I got my t-shirt and sticker! They look really cool, can't wait to get them in hand!

  2. Ordered (at least) one of each. :)

  3. It would be well to put a hyperlink somewhere obvious on your website that facilitates the purchase and subscription of the magazine. I've searched and searched and seen no such thing.

    1. Hello Raul,

      Sorry for any confusion. There are a few ways to get there from the homepage. 1. The "ORDER NOW" button below "Celebrating the Research, Preservation, and Recreation of historic furniture". 2. You can scroll down on the main page and each item is shown under the words "Featured Collections". 3. The site navigation bar at the top (on the desktop version of the site) has 5 links: Purchase, About, Stockists, Sponsors, and Blog. Clicking “Purchase” will get you there.