Saturday, January 9, 2016

Shirts, Posters, and Stickers: Now Taking Orders


I spent a large part of today doing inventory on my new M&T e-store and getting all my shipping supplies in order. It wasn’t until 10 pm tonight that I could get the domain transferred to the new store ready to take orders. It’s finally live. If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on one of the t-shirts, posters, or stickers, wait no longer. Visit the store at

This run of things is a “while supplies last” kind of deal. Having no idea of the level of interest I made a conservative call on the size of run for each item. I didn’t want to have to use t-shirts as insulation in our new house someday. When this round starts thinning out, I will be contacting my printers to restock. Shannon Brantley, who printed the excellent shirts, is standing by ready for a second run if need be. Check out the offerings. I suggest a t-shirt especially. They have a super soft, vintage feel.

Issue One Poster