Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Timber Framing Tools For Sale


My mentor and friend, Jon Brandon, is selling off some of his old framing tools. He's offered them to me but I already have what I need so I told him I’d put them up here on the blog. Here's what Jon says about them…

"You may be interested in a few timber framing tools I have had for a number of years.  I used them many years ago on an old house renovation when we were living in Virginia.  They’re still in good condition and very usable if you are interested in them.  At this point I’d like to sell them because I don’t foresee a circumstance where I’ll be using them again.  I’m asking for the same price or less than I paid for them 25 years ago.  They consist of a beam drill press with two bits (2” and 1” diameter) broad axe, and shipwright’s adze.  The drill press has been rebuilt so the wood frame is not original, but it works well."

Drill press            $200
Adze                      $   50
Axe                        $   50

Jon wants to sell them to someone who is going to put them to good use. If that’s you, contact Jon here: http://www.eastpointconservation.com/contact-us.html

1 comment:

  1. Those are some really nice looking tools.

    I could see myself using the drill press, but I am afraid that the freight to Denmark + the customs and VAT etc. would end up doubling the price. So I'd better let it pass.
    If Jon by any chance is coming to Denmark in the near future and is able to bring it along it is a different story, but I guess that chances are slim :-)

    Good luck with the sale