Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Spoon Rack You Never Knew You Needed

Last night I finished the final video in The English Woodworker’s Spoon Rack video series. I cannot say enough about how enjoyable this was to watch. If you have some experience working with hand tools but are looking to fine tune your skills or increase your efficiency, this is for you. This small spoon rack is the perfect project to teach handwork because it’s got it all: stock prep, dovetails (through and half blind), rabbets, dadoes, drawer making, moldings, etc. Watching an experienced hand tool woodworker build this one little project is a great education.

Taking classes with the masters is a great idea but there also is real benefit to just sitting back and watching an accomplished artisan like Richard work at his bench. He’s got ways of doing things that differ from most others. That’s interesting to see. The most valuable moments to me, however, were the subtle unconscious movements and actions that bespeak experience. Those are the things that I really picked up on.

Richard is a great teacher. He’s clearly thought these things through and thought about how to present them to others and thanks to his partner, Helen, the flow of the videos is perfect. You don’t feel like things are rushing by nor do you feel like this thing is droning on. The videos are very clear, beautiful, and totally entertaining. If you haven’t purchased this yet, I highly recommend you do. The value is far beyond the investment.

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  1. I have just completed the Spoon rack project and it has been a real joy. www.barrylowis.co.uk