Friday, September 11, 2015

Rare and Popular Support!

That’s right…  I’ve got more sponsors! RareWoods.US and Popular Woodworking have been added to the growing list of Mortise & Tenon Magazine Sponsors!

RareWoods.US is an exotic wood internet store run by woodworker Travis Knapp. I got some time to talk with Travis at the Lie-Nielsen Open House and was impressed with the way he runs it. Ordering a stick of wood over the internet can be frustrating. How can you be sure what you’re getting is the right piece for the task at hand? Knapp’s experience as a woodworker is a great boon when it comes to selecting the piece specifically for your project. If you need a small amount of exotic wood, I recommend you contact Travis here:

In case you’re wondering, when Megan Fitzpatrick sends you an email titled “If it’s not too weird…” it’s okay to open it. It's not weird to have another woodworking media source sponsor M&T. Megan and I have been discussing our publications and we are in full agreement that Popular Woodworking and Mortise & Tenon are compliments, not competitors. Their magazine and books are great and so are their videos. If you haven’t signed up for the monthly access to the videos, go do it. It’s a really good deal: full access to everything for $20/month? Awesome.

I’m honored to gain the support of these businesses and, as always, I fully endorse what they’re doing. Check out what they have to offer. You won’t be disappointed.


  1. How exciting! Any word on when we can start pre-ordering M&T?

    1. First printing will be Jan/Feb time. Pre-orders will be taken a month before that. Thanks!