Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Two New Sponsors!

Courtesy:Walk Moore Tools

I am honored to add two new sponsors the Mortise & Tenon Magazine curated Directory of Sponsors. Richard at The English Woodworker and Aaron and Alan of Walke Moore Tools have joined the ranks. As always, I am honored to have the support of such skilled artisans. Walke Moore, based in New York, focuses on hand tools that aren’t made by many other makers. Brass bound levels, try squares, wooden straightedges, winding sticks. They’ve got some unique offerings. Check them out here: 

Courtesy: The English Woodworker

After visiting Walke Moore, check out Richard’s Premium Videos featured at The English Woodworker. These new videos are destined to impact the online hand tool woodworking in a very big way. Professional quality production, regular entertainment, and clear teaching all make these things a good value. Check out the new Spoon Rack series here: 

I heartily recommend these companies. In my conversations with them, we have expressed mutual interest in promoting hand tool woodworking. The vision of Mortise & Tenon is their vision also.


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