Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Three More

Courtesy: Vesper Tools

This week I started playing catch up now that the house disassembly is complete. I have an incredible amount of clients to connect with, trips to plan, and things to build and write. One of the things that has been on the back burner the last couple weeks was adding a few new sponsors to the Mortise & Tenon Sponsor Web Directory. Fortunately, these folks have been patient with me as I wrapped up the house. I got them added last night and, wow, I am excited.

Courtesy: Peter Galbert

I am so honored to announce that Highland Woodworking, Peter Galbert, and Vesper Tools have each committed to sponsor M&T. Check out their websites to see what they contribute to this hand tool woodworking community. They’ve kindly expressed their enthusiasm for the project and I think you can guess how enthusiastic I am about what these guys are doing. Honestly, I am really humbled that I have the cream of the crop backing me. Every time I am contacted by another one of my woodworking heroes for sponsorship, it raises the bar for what this publication will be. I truly hope this fulfills what’s lacking in woodworking media today.

Courtesy: Highland Woodworking

Make sure you check out the new additions. I give them my full endorsement and hope you will too. There are more sponsors in the wing that will be added after I get logos, etc from them. If you are a maker or supplier or have any business related to historic furniture, I’d love to hear from you to discuss if M&T sponsorship is a good fit for you. Send me an email at sponsorships [at] mortiseandtenonmag.com. I look forward to growing this community of mutual support.


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