Thursday, July 16, 2015

Moulson Chisel Contest Winner Announced!

Well, the Moulson Brothers 1 ½” chisel giveaway contest is complete and I’ve spent a good amount of time combing through and thinking about each response I got at the Diary, Instagram, and Facebook. As I said last week, there is no wrong answer to the question of why you choose hand tools. We all choose our tools for personal reasons. I got so many comments about the connection to the material be worked, and the peacefulness of the shop environment, and the tactile quality of the finished surface. All of these things I agree are significant. 

Ertheworks wrote, “The main reason that I use hand tools in sensory. Using them enables me to use all my senses to experience, respond to and create with wood. It provides a much greater awareness of the infinite variety of the characteristics of each species and piece of wood”

Dan Kochensparger put it, “There's something about the connection between the craftsman and the material being worked that requires the kind of feedback that only a hand tool can provide.”

D Tikhon Chapman said, “Peace and quiet. Working wood respectfully, as it is meant to be worked, instead of 'overpowering it' with power tools.”

Bill Domenz said, “I love the slight signature a tool can leave in the finished product.”

A number of folks also mentioned how they felt more connected to the final result than “power” tools offer.  Jerry Palmer wrote, “Hand tools connects me to my creations and helps me feel like a creator. In touch with the essence of my media” and Michael Lehikoinen aptly put it, “I feel … more like a creator than an operator.”

All of those are great comments. Thank you for your entries! There was one however that hit me particularly keenly. Stuart C. Blanchard from Strafford New Hampshire summed up a lot of my own thoughts about the work. He wrote, “I find that sharp hand tools offer a controlled precision for joinery that is often difficult to achieve with power tools - not to mention the minimal setup time for hand tools compared to power tools. Hand tools also leave planed, carved, or otherwise shaped surfaces that are a delight to both the eye and hand - most of which cannot be achieved with power tools. I also find that hand tools are enjoyable to use, quiet, dustless, and they also create a certain tie to craftsman who have used similar tools for centuries past. I also like knowing that with just the hand tools in my (Anarchist's-like) toolbox, I could make any traditional piece of furniture, and perhaps many contemporary pieces too.”

Congratulations, Stuart. You have been selected as the winner of the contest! Please send me an email and I’ll get the tool shipped out ASAP! Thank you!

For all else… stay tuned for the next giveaway! This was too fun not to do again real soon!

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  1. Well done Stuart! I really enjoyed this competition and it was fun to reflect on this topic and read the thoughts of others. It was surprisingly difficult to try and express the hows and whys of hand tool woodworking but I found myself nodding in agreement with each entry I read.