Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Disassembling the Timber Frame

The past couple weeks the guys and I have been taking down the frame of this 200 year old cape. It was done in stages over a number of days. Everything went pretty smooth except where we ran into later ill-conceived repairs. Those sections slowed us way down.  Here’s how it when down:

Five sided ridge pole

We pulled the rafters down first one half at a time.

Rafter tenon into the ridge

Then we pulled the joists up.


Bold drawboring!

After that came the plates and girts off the top of the posts.

Mark knocking pegs out

Once the frame was down, the top floor and sub floor came off the old parlor followed by the rotten joists.

Then we started harvesting bricks from the double arch in the cellar. These will be reused to recreate the fireplaces for the central chimney.

The beautiful 1830s bricks

I’d say it looks pretty different from when we started. We will be hauling the last of the bricks to my house today. Then I just need to rake the yard for a little debris and we're all done at the site. I have some sheathing to be de-nailed back at our property and then all will be stored away nicely in the storage trailer to be worked on over the next couple years. I'm ready for a vacation.


  1. I feel like such a wuss; all I'm doing is taking down a couple of interior walls.

  2. Do all the joints have marriage marks? ie Roman numerals.