Sunday, May 17, 2015

Take a Load Off

I used to be part of a religious movement that did not view weekly Sabbath taking as a privilege Christians ought to enjoy. If you felt like working after the church service, you could go for it. Burn yourself out! Always looking to capitalize on “free” time, this pattern took a toll on Julia and I and we were exhausted all the time. We were running on all cylinders but only 75% efficiency seven days a week. As we got deeper into exhaustion, our patience thinned and bickering and arguing would surface. It was very unhealthy.

It wasn’t until six or so years ago, when we joined a new church that we saw the beauty of weekly Sabbath taking. Nowadays, after church (which is an hour drive from our house) we come home to do absolutely nothing. All day. That’s right… our family starts each week with a day of total rest. We don’t make strict legalistic regulations about this, though, because piano recitals, fun gardening, etc come up. The point is to relax and enjoy the day. If we feel like we “ought” to be doing a certain job, that may be a good indication to go take a nap in the shade instead. (At this point, Julia contributes in full disclosure, “You should tell them we let the house go insane. We don’t even do the dishes!”)

This lounging, napping, and family socializing prepares us for six days of hard work juggling house work, gardening, home schooling, the boy’s community activities, teaching piano lessons, serving in the church, furniture restoration, Fisher research, and the magazine. We make our own yogurt, bake our own bread, roast our coffee, brew our beer, and tend to the chickens and goats.

Maybe you see why we love Sundays.

Someone asked us recently how we do all the stuff we do without burning out. Sabbath, that’s how. I’m fully aware that not all of the readers here are Christians. But I don’t think you need to be in order to see the glory of this rest one day, work six system. With all sincerity, I recommend you take a load off.  Sanctify one day a week to resting from your work. Whatever material responsibilities you feel the burden of during the week, resolve to let go for a day. Besides keeping you sane, I promise you will be more productive the other six days.


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