Tuesday, May 12, 2015

No Bite!

I’ve said before that toothed planing stops are vastly superior over their toothless brethren. The difference in grip is tremendous. If you have never used one before do yourself a favor and screw a sawplate to the top of your stop. It will be an epiphany for you.

One of reasons some folks are apprehensive about bearing some teeth is because they worry about leaving marks in the endgrain of their stock. In practice, this issue is inconsequential 99% of the time because I plane to thickness before cutting to length. Simple as that.

In the 1% of cases where I need to plane the face grain on a piece that is already cut to length, I don’t fret. The solution is stupid simple. Grab a piece from the scrap bin (Don’t all good shop tips start that way?) and shove it into the teeth as a barrier for your workpiece. Yes, you no longer have the benefit of the teeth biting into your stock but for these rare circumstances, you just have to plane more attentively.


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