Thursday, May 14, 2015

1808 Potty Talk

I try my best to avoid potty talk and poop jokes here on the Diary because I wanna keep this place family friendly. Sometimes, though, we gotta be honest about this crap.

What kind of toilet do you have? Does yours have satinwood and mahogany veneer? Do you have a john with French feet? Well the Pierce family from Dorchester, MA did. This commode which is inscribed with the date 1808 came into my studio not long ago. One foot had broken off (surprise, surprise), some veneer was missing, and the top had a split in it. It was not a huge job but as I was working on it I couldn’t help but marvel at how delicately this thing was constructed. Those tiny little feet were tasked with bearing the weight of many a sitter over the years.

I think if I were designing such a thing, I would choose a more stout base arrangement. I mean... the stakes are pretty high, no? Can you imagine that thing giving way when you were using it? Yikes.


  1. Well, Joshua, in the often contentious world of restoration versus conservation, if I was the client and was going to use this as intended, I'd tell you to ignore the reversibility factor and shore that puppy up!

  2. Hi Joshua,

    Would you know what use the two scooped parts on the seat served or were they simply aesthetic elements?


  3. That is a crapload of Satinwood! Seems like a waste.

    (Sorry, nuff with the poop jokes. I think we're excused because we have small boys, right? That's my excuse, anyway.)

    1. Yes, it's my son's fault that my sense of humor is adolescent.

  4. Well said, well said my friend...