Saturday, April 11, 2015

Refreshing Massachusetts Banter

Yesterday I took a trip down to MA to visit with my good friend Freddy. We spent time at his shop discussing work and Freddy showed me some of his favorite new tools while I snapped some pictures. After that we drove over to the Peabody Essex Museum to discover that the Gould exhibit is no longer on display. Whoops.  We decided to grab some lunch instead before heading over to Phil Lowe’s place.

When we arrived, Phil, Artie, and Freddy proceeded with the customary ribbing and banter. I enjoy watching these guys interact because it’s refreshing to see such a strong (practically familial) bond amongst fellow tradesmen. Phil was again generous with his time and sat down with me for a little while to let me ask him some questions for an upcoming project I’m working on. His answers were full and bursting with insight. It was a total treat to get that time with him.

It was a terrific trip all around: good friends, cool tools, and great furniture. These guys are such an inspiration. Next time I go back I’ll have to bring donuts from The Holy Donut and my home roast coffee again. (I brought an Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Flores blend yesterday.) I’ve done this the last two times now and I seem to have developed a reputation as the coffee snob that brings the awesome donuts. I’ve set a precedent and now I’m obligated. A small price for great friendships.


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