Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Advice for Prospective Bloggers - Part Three

This is Part Three of a list of advice for starting your own blog. Also read Part One and Part Two.

8.       Content, Content, Content
                This goes without saying, but it needs to be on the list: Write interesting stuff. Be explicit not secretive. Blogs are not for hiding information but for sharing it. This cannot be overlooked. Good blogs freely share lots of great content. Without it, you’re destined for failure.

9.       Don’t Be Tricky
                People aren’t dumb… we all can sense when someone is trying to trick us into buying something. Don’t be that guy. Surreptitiously linking to sponsors or links that make you money is tacky. If you are going to monetize your blog, be honest about it. There nothing intrinsically dishonest with direct monetization but I just find that the pennies one makes on it don’t justify pestering readers with salesmanlike conduct. Just share yourself and your knowledge and things will take off from there.

10.       Get Comfortable with Photography
                Writing is only half of the work of good blog posts. Especially since the advent of digital photography, for better or worse, people expect clear and attractive pictures to accompany good writing. Successful photography provides not only clarity to the text, but also visual interest to the site. As silly as it may be, high quality photography suggests authorial competency.

This is the end of Part Three. To catch up, read Part 1 and Part 2. Last installment coming soon…


  1. I have to say that I really stink at taking pictures. At home I have a better camera and I can normally find a setting in the workshop where it isn't too messy. Out here I haven't got much choice, so the pictures look crappy for the most part. But maybe I get a bit of sympathy on that part :-)

    I don't really use this for new blog posts, but once in a while looking at the status report for your blog can give you an idea of what people were searching for when they found you.
    So a bit of search engine optimization in the headlines of posts can attract traffic.

    This is a good series by the way.


    1. You've got my sympathy, Jonas! I admire your commitment to posting from the sea!