Thursday, December 4, 2014

Making a Wooden Ladder

  I made a ladder this fall. I bought two 10’ 2x4s and drilled some holes...



I planed the lumber mill stamps off while I was at it.


Got some maple from our firewood pile riven for rung stock...

Once cut to length, I marked the hole size on the rung ends with the forstner bit.

Then shaved down to the line with my drawknife.

Once the ends were fit, I planed and shaved down their bellies.

Did final clean up with a spokeshave

All the rungs cleaned up

Hammering the rungs in.

It took serious mallet power to drive them in.

Then I wedged them.


And now it's a ladder.


  1. Where did you put the OSHA sticker?

    (Nice piece of work!)

  2. Nice job.
    I especially like that you planed off the marks from the lumber mill planer.

    1. I left it at foreplane marks. It's rugged and utilitarian.

  3. It is so nice to be able to find a need and then make and fulfill that need with our own work and skill. The satisfaction is something many of todays generation just can not know about because they don't make with their hands the same way. Great project and ,for myself anyways, inspirational. Thanks for sharing.

  4. It has me thinking... I need a tall ladder fro my house. shouldn't be too much harder to make an extension ladder.