Sunday, December 7, 2014

Asher Sylvan Klein


Asher Sylvan Klein
Born 12/6/14 at 3:02am
8 lbs .5 oz

Today Julia, Eden, and I are celebrating the safe and happy arrival of our new baby, Asher.

This pregnancy had been stressful for us because of years of struggle to have another baby as well as the complicating reality that this one was breech and decidedly not flipping over. For those of you unfamiliar, breech (head up, butt down) position of the baby presents a few more complications for delivery that require thoughtfulness. Though we had our hearts set on home birth, we ultimately decided that that because of the excellent midwives at our hospital and their respect for our desires in the birth we would have the baby naturally at the hospital. This way there was back-up help just in case of complications. The decision was a hard one for us but it ultimately worked out beautifully.
Julia had been laboring the past three weeks making slow progress. Though it was a tedious edge of your seat time, we eventually found peace in the waiting time. 


This past Friday morning, Julia woke up with contractions that were unlike those of the past few weeks. These were strong and forced her to pause and catch her breath. Eden played at a friend’s house all morning while I wrapped a few things up at the studio. We felt pretty confident baby was on the move.

That afternoon and evening Julia and I spent sitting, reading, and working through her contractions.  Around 8 pm, it was time to make a move. We arrived at the hospital and Julia was 5 cm dilated. With the help and support of our doula, Pam, we had the lights low, everything very quiet, and the birth tub full. Julia spent the majority of the time laboring in the tub.


Around 1 am, things were getting close to pushing time and we made our way to the OR. Unfortunately, in order to utilize the last minute “just in case” tools, Julia needed to deliver in the OR. Everyone was great and very respectful of the peacefulness we needed for the birth. Even in this unfamiliar environment and under the watching eyes of a handful of strangers, Julia did an amazing job moving to whatever position she felt she needed and concentrated focusing inward. Afterward, the whole staff remarked at how well Julia embraced the contractions and kept her head as labor got more intense.  I think they were impressed... I know I was.


The pushing stage lasted a total of two hours. It was pretty amazing seeing that little butt crowning. After a while, the legs popped out and shortly thereafter the rest slipped out in one contraction. We had a happy healthy delivery at 3:02 am.  Eden was the first one to see the little guy. The look on his face was priceless. He was wide eyed and only half committed to smiling. When asked what he thought of his little brother, all he could muster was, “Good.”


All vitals checked out perfect and we went home that afternoon. It was wonderful to be home and rest together. Eden is so proud to be a big brother and Mama and I are obviously smitten.

Names are significant to us. Eden’s full name is Eden Rivers Klein.  Eden is an obvious reference to the garden of Eden but the word means “pleasure”. Rivers is a reference to Ps 36:7-8 How precious is Your lovingkindness, O God! Therefore the children of men put their trust under the shadow of Your wings. They are abundantly satisfied with the fullness of Your house, And You give them drink from the river of Your pleasures.


Asher is Hebrew for “blessed” or “happy” and Sylvan means “wood” or “forest”.  In Scripture, names are often not only descriptive but also benedictory. Right alongside our first born child of “pleasure” we want #2 to be a “blessed and happy” one. We chose Sylvan as a middle name because it means “wood”. The preindustrial world was made of wood. It is hard to come up with a material so fundamental and ubiquitous in the manmade world as timber. The reason for this is that wood is strong for structure and yet easy to work. It is our prayer that our “blessed” one will be strong yet easily worked in the hands of the Master.


We are home resting now enjoying our family and celebrating God’s goodness and grace toward us in these times. Thank you for your prayers and love, friends. We received a lot of positive encouragement and notes from you and we want you to know not one was overlooked. May the God of blessing and pleasure return to you the kindness you extended to us.


  1. So well thought out and powerful. We are all amazed at the process and thankful for such a beautiful new member of the family. Love, Dad

  2. Congratulations to you and Julia with such a beautiful baby.
    Congratulations to Eden for his new younger brother who will se him as a role model in years to come.
    To Asher: Welcome to the World :-) and happy birthday.
    Lots of thoughts

  3. Nice present for xmas - congratulations on the new addidtion to the family.

  4. Thanks, guys. It is a wonderful blessing.

  5. Oh Julia! Always so strong and able. I knew she would do wonderful! I agree with the names, all of our children are named with meanings in mind.

    Evelyn's full name, "Evelyn Lael" means "life belonging to The Lord" Ayla's name means "oak tree" in Hebrew it was synonymous with strength and her middle name, Jeanne, means God is Gracious. Jonah's name, as needed for the third child means "gentle, dove" and his middle name is after Michael, but I love the meaning "who is like our God?"

    I love the name Asher and he is a beautiful baby! Miss you guys, you have a beautiful family!

  6. Congratulations! A beautiful baby. May God's continued blessing be upon your house.


  7. Congrats on the newest addition, Christmas came early for you this year. Ryan

  8. congratulations, i'm so happy for your family. y'all will be in my prayers...

  9. Hi Josh,

    I'm sorry that I am a week late in offering these congratulations to you and your family. The birth of our children is a moment that we never forget. It is such a precious time. God bless you and your family. May Asher be granted exceptional health and happiness. I can't imagine a more happy family for him to have been born a part of, and I know he'll add to the strength of your family. I hope you get some time to enjoy the little fella in these early days. Work is a wonderful thing, but every day with a child is a gift, I hope you have plenty of time to enjoy it.

    Love you Brother,