Monday, November 10, 2014

And There Was Light


Last Sunday, we woke up to snow. The first snow of the year, actually. It kept coming and coming. The forecast didn't look optimistic so we buckled down and waited out the storm. We ended up with 8-10” of snow/slush and lost our power by that afternoon. 

Harvesting in the middle of the snow storm!

Our wintry loot


Tree limbs were snapping and cracking all around us. One falling limb had narrowly missed our windows. It was pretty intense. Then Monday came. Then Tuesday. Wednesday… You get the idea. It was a splendid thing Friday night when the lights came back on. We felt civilized again.

Our mud oven survived


So thanks to all friends who shared their shower, dishwasher, generator, and food with us. My nine-month-pregnant wife really likes hot running water so we are grateful.




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  1. I want to retire to Maine but after reading this post I'm almost thinking it's a bad idea. But I'll be retired so let it snow.