Tuesday, November 11, 2014

17th Century Advice for Sanding Out Dust Nibs

“…where ever mole-hills and knobs, asperities and roughness in colours or varnish offer to appear, with your Rush sweep them off, and tell them their room is more acceptable to you than their company. If this ill usage will not terrifie them, or make them avoid your work, give them no better entertainment than you did before, but maintain your former severity, and with your Rush whip them off, as often as they molest you.”

 - Stalker and Parker, “A Treatise of Japanning and Varnishing”


  1. Hi Joshua,
    I really enjoy your blog and look forward to each new article. I was wondering what is a "Rush" in the article above?


  2. Cattails. They were used as abrasives in early woodworking.

  3. Far too many people underestimate the utility of strong language to motivate houseplants and difficult grained woods into compliance.