Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Milling Complete. Whew!

I’m not sure if you remember but I am in the process of building a timber frame studio on my property. Every once in a while I get asked about how it’s going. To be honest, things got bogged down for a while. Because I decided to cut the logs off my property and mill them with friends, things got complicated. We were able to get some done but (long story short) I eventually had to switch gears. Fortunately, my good friend Bill Turner down in Stonington offered his help. Bill has an incredible circular saw mill from the 30s. This old beast is a powerhouse.


With some help from my friend Nathan, the three of us got through 50+ logs today. That completes the milling stage. That is a lot of weight off my shoulders now. Once I get my brother in law to haul the logs to my place next Tuesday, I will be on my own... free to work at my own pace. I tell you, coordinating people and equipment has been hair pulling from day one. I know the joinery will take me a bunch of time but I am really looking forward to being able proceed solo. Hopefully I can make good progress on the joinery this winter but, at this rate, I make no promises.

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  1. I have maple logs I can mill, but no mill. I envy you!