Monday, October 20, 2014

Harvest Days and Nesting

We have been blessed with a decent harvest this year. The past few years our gardening efforts have been combined with Julia’s parents. We try to grow enough for both families’ yearly vegetable needs. Typically her father does the early season tilling and planting and we end up with the harvesting and processing. This year has brought a lighter load than usual due to the pregnancy.


Our meatbirds are processed and resting in peace in the freezer now. I always feel so relieved when slaughter day comes. It’s the last week when I have trouble sleeping. Those last nights are filled with nightmares of coons or weasels breaking into the chicken house and annihilating our investment. Thankfully, we again had no problems with predators. 


On Saturday we dug potatoes. Eden swore he was a pirate digging for treasure. Five year olds seem to need work to be made into a game in order to get anything accomplished. We’ll take what we can get.






Julia's mother helped out too





In other news, Mama is bursting at the seams. Little guy is pretty active in there. (Go figure.) Even though we have until Thanksgiving until she’s due, we are keenly aware of the surprise we felt when Eden came five weeks early. We won’t be blindsided this time. We’re cleaning up the house and reorganizing things to accommodate for the new guy. One of the pressing things on my list is to finish up the co-sleeper cradle I started at Leonard’sMills a couple of weeks ago.


I adapted a number of period cradle designs to suit our purposes here. In the studio, I got the corners dovetailed and cut out the scroll work. My newly completed Gramercy turning saw worked wonderfully for this task. 






After clean up with chisels and a spokeshave, I popped the pieces together and brought it home to see it in place. I want to make sure it works out before I proceed with the bottom and the legs. I think we may have a success here because our cat, Garbanzo, bee lined for the mattress and settled right in. I hope the baby feels as at home in it as he does.



  1. Great havest, How long did it take to get your design in place and what type of finnish will you use. On another note have you been back to Nashville Tn. since your time here.

  2. I spent maybe 20 minutes on the design looking through pictures and sketching out adaptations. We are working on the finish. We've gone back and forth on that one. Stay tuned.
    No, we haven't been to Nashville since the move. It would be great to visit again sometime though.

  3. Even with a fairly good understanding of the work involved (growing up on a working farm, my older brother and I helped our mom raise a full acre garden when we were little, much of which was canned for winter), I'm very envious of this post.

    Back in the day, my mom wrote several articles on canning recipes that were passed down to her. If you're at all interested, I could try and dig them up.

    While we won't ever have anything close to the size garden I had as a kid or you have right now, we're trying to do a bit more each year. Last week I put our potted blueberry bushes in the ground for winter. Hopefully an up-coming meeting with a planner from our favourite nursery will help us figure out a long-term plan for maintaining and growing our garden.