Sunday, August 17, 2014

Though I am Not a Dealer...

And then I got up early again to do demonstrations all day at an antique show in Blue Hill. This is the third year I’ve had a booth at the Jonathan Fisher Antique Show. Though I am not a dealer, they let me sign up to demonstrate period woodworking and explain to the guests what my conservation practice is like. It works out well. If visitors want a break from shopping and haggling, they head over to my booth and watch me cut joinery and use period tools. Just about all day I have people standing around watching me. This year was as good as the others. I like meeting a lot of new people at events like this and it’s good seeing the dealers I haven’t seen since last year’s show.

Julia and Eden dropped by for lunch. Eden, as usual, was captivating the passersby with all of the explanations of conservation he’s heard Papa repeat countless times. The kid’s got my spiel down pretty good by now.

Displaying my most frequently used tools of the trade

Interior storage - Saw till

Interior Storage - Plane corral

The project I was working on at the show was one of the two sliding trays in my tool chest. I got it all finished except the glue-up. Once the next tray is complete, all I need is a lid and then we’re on to paint.

Speaking of paint, I saw two great painted chests in dealer booths. The first one was sponge grained.

 But this second one is so great, I think I might reproduce it on my tool chest. I have been tossing around a bunch of ideas for the decorative paint treatment on the chest. I have been narrowing it down to pieces that look a lot like this one. It was neat to have this one at the show to get a real close look at the brush strokes. I’ll have to play around with this and see if I can’t pull it off.

I love the "stringing" made by removing the paint while still wet.


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