Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Mutable Vacationland

The Blue Hill peninsula is predictably capricious. My business can be trotting along a normal pace, keeping the backlog maintained at about the same amount all spring and summer. All of the sudden the wind shifts at the end of July and the phone stops ringing. For about four weeks, the weather, seasonal harvesting, etc. are all so perfectly aligned that everyone forgets normal life and goes to the beach. Or their sail boat.

I plod along silently working through my backlog and it isn’t until the end of August that I begin getting slammed with calls. It’s actually pretty hard to get projects through the studio at this time because I am making so many appointments (i.e. on-site assessments). Lots of scheduling of winter work before the seasonals split around Labor Day.

 Despite all that I was able to actually get some studio work in yesterday. How novel! I was working on the ribbonback slat that needed to be replaced. The carving is coming along decently. I’ll be fitting the tenons today and coloring and finishing it before the final glue up.


  1. Tell me about it I can't seem to get anything done lately! I seem to spend all my time doing estimates and quotes on new work. Its not a bad thing its just really hard to feel productive...

  2. Sorry, I have no horse in the race when it comes to backlog work. Right now my shop time is so minimal; I'm hoping it's a temporary thing related to the small child. I just wanted to say...

    That. Slat. Is. Awesome.

  3. Beautiful work. I love the curves and carving work...stunning.