Friday, August 22, 2014

Oh Baby!

Two good things here:

1. Blueberries are picked. Our old house has a wonderful field through the woods and the owners have generously allowed us to go to pick there. We’ve ate some fresh but the vast majority go in the freezer. These little guys help stave off the winter blues when the eating is a little less exciting. We have one rake and the others pick by hand. 

 We are able to use our friend’s solar powered winnower to separate out the leaves. This clackety-bangety batch of old iron and wood is a true beaut. I love hearing the squeaking of the wheels accompanied by the faint plop of berries into the wooden box. What a thing it is to see!

2. And even better than blue berries… our new little baby is due in November. We are very very excited. So is Eden. He said he wants the baby to stay in his room because besides carrying all his pirate loot around for him he will also clean up all of Eden’s toys. Hmmm? This might be an interesting adjustment for our only child. We’re little by little trying to ease him into the change but I think his utopian bubble will nevertheless pop when little brother does finally come along.

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  1. Fantastic news all around! I do miss the wild blueberries we'd pick at my cousins' farm in Massachusetts.