Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Mahogany Score!

During Saturday’s Antique Show, I had a gentleman inquire to see if I would be interested in some mahogany. In the 70s, a friend of his who spent time working in Nigeria had some of her belongings shipped back to the US. When the crate arrived, the goods were unpacked and the sturdy crate was set aside in the shed. Some forty years later, I was asked if I had any use for it. The guy knew it was nice mahogany and knew someone out there could use this stuff. Yes, please!

When I went to his house on Monday, I picked up the box along with some almost unused Swiss Made carving chisels he bought for a class years ago. The crate was free to a good home and the chisels were a very fair price. Grateful, I packed up the tools and crate and headed off on my way. The crate is made of (just shy of) 1” thick ribbon mahogany. There are 4 boards 32” long and 12” wide in there along with smaller boards too. Obviously some of these boards have nail holes in them in one side but some are free of holes except the edges. The smaller pieces will find a home in my repair wood bins but the bigger stuff I’d like to use for a project. Tea table maybe? I don’t know. What would you do with this stuff? 

The chisel score

V tool, veiners


  1. I'm not sure what I'd make, but the nail holes wouldn't bother me one bit. That is the character of using reclaimed wood!

    In fact, I almost try (I say almost, because I don't really TRY very hard, but of I can get it to work just by re-arranging pieces, I will) to make such things a feature in my boxes. It is reclaimed wood. This is what I use and this is the result of using it.

    Nice score all around, though!

    1. Yeah, nail holes don't usually bother me too much in certain places. I just think the figure in that would be a gorgeous top. I don't know if I could deal with numerous nail holes in the top of a tea table. Reclaiming material is fun, ain't it?

  2. Wow. I like the crate as-is. I'd put it in our living room and drink coffee off of it.

    Nice score, sir.

    1. Eden told me the same thing. He can't understand wanting to take it apart.

      It might be a bit rustic for our tastes as-is. Although, I do like the contrast of a high style wood in such a simple rough form...

  3. That is a nice looking crate.
    If you want to make something else out of it, I would probably make a nice small chest out of it. Maybe something with canted sides.
    You could also make a small hanging cabinet. With a couple of drawers at the bottom and doors with glass.

    A Bible box could also be a nice thing to make


    1. Jonas,

      Good thinking. A small cabinet with glass doors. Mmm. Sounds like that could be very elegant. The other thing I thought of using some of this for is a Queen Anne looking glass. I have an old piece of mirror that is begging to be housed in something glorious. There's definitely enough for both of those projects! Thanks for your ideas, Jonas!