Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Groopstock Day Two


All of Wednesday morning was dedicated to a class on “Inpainting and Color Theory” by Martin O’Brien, conservator in private practice in Winston-Salem, NC (http://www.martinobriencabinetmaker.com/). Martin gave everyone wonderful handouts complete with bibliography and lists of suppliers. Inpainting is to my mind the pinnacle of conservation skills so I was looking forward to this one. Everyone (at Martin’s prior encouragement) brought their inpainting kits as well as a small object to work on so that the second half of the workshop was open to practice. It was great to walk around and observe what tools and techniques everyone else was using. As this skill is the most “art” we get to do on objects, you can imagine how individualized it is to each practitioner. I thoroughly enjoyed Martin’s presentation.

A close up for detail work

Between time discussions


One of the greatest things about these events is the time between sessions where we have opportunity to discuss our questions and their solutions with colleagues. Though the Professional Refinisher’s Group (http://www.professionalrefinisher.com/) is a five-day-a-week email forum, there is nothing like face to face real time discussion.


The discussions never ceased

Don applying his version of Boracare to a board

After lunch, Don presented two methods for “Insect Eradication”. The first was suitable for objects whose surface coating was not of importance. The formulation he applied to this board is comparable to Boracare. The second method was an anoxic microclimate treatment involving encasing the object in a mylar bag, removing the oxygen both manually and then with oxygen scavengers. The bag was then partially filled with argon to complete the suffocation of the insects that have invaded the piece. This is similar to Jon Brandon’s article on the topic found here: http://cool.conservation-us.org/coolaic/sg/wag/2003/brandon_hanlon_03.pdf

Demonstrating the anoxic technique

Judd discussing advertising

Following Don, Bob Judd of Judd Refinishing in Boston, MA (http://juddrefinishing.com/what-we-do.php) gave a presentation on a guerrilla marketing technique of getting free advertising by making known interesting projects to local news media. This has been very successful for him and it’s something I would like to do in the near future. There were some very intriguing ideas from Bob.

Mike Mascelli

Our dinner was out in town at the Black Sheep Tavern. Mike Mascelli discussed the history of Groop and recognized certain members by gifting them with tokens of appreciation. We also presented Don with a thank you gift which (no joke) actually left him speechless for a brief moment. We recorded the date and time.



Joe's polyester repair talk

The evening slot was filled by Joe Amaral of Wood Finish Services (http://www.woodfinishservices.com/) in West Sacramento, CA. Joe, also a grad of the National Institute of Wood Finishing, discussed two topics. First he covered the repair of thick polyester coatings. This was an interesting talk because polyester is notoriously difficult to repair. Joe has perfected a method that seems successful. The second half was about his urushi egg shell lacquer work. This involves actually laying down shattered egg shells in a decorative pattern. I don’t even know what to say about this stuff but, “Wow.” I have never seen such detailed and time consuming finishing. There are some examples on his website worth looking at.

Day Three to come...


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