Saturday, June 21, 2014

My Take on Tim's Carving Axe

Thanks to Tim Manney's excellent tutorial on Turning Your Hatchet into a Carving Axe, I finally was able to put to use this shingling hatchet head that I picked up at the Tool Barn a few years ago.

I just finished it the other day and boy is it sweet. Each time I make a new tool handle it seems to turn out better than the previous ones. Here goes...

From the bin of hatchet heads... $3.00!

Bandsaw the handle shape onto 5/4 oak

Trace the eye hole to start fitting the head

Clamped in front vise to get a good view

Saw down the cheeks

Slowly pare away material until the head can be driven down all the way

Take your time on this. You want this very tight. I drive it on with a hammer (gently).

Finally fit

Contours of the handle shaped with a spokeshave, rasp, and scraper

Cut the ugly hammer head off. Rotary tool cut off wheel first and then hacksaw to finish.

Cut out the bottom so I can choke up on the grip for delicate carving work

Thank you, rotary tool.

Walnut wedge driven in and glued in place

The 32 degree bevel was ground and honed and cut off portions smoothed on grinder


So Read Tim's carving axe tutorial and pick up one of those heads at a flea market. It's a fun project.

Here are parts 1-4:


  1. That looks like a nice sharp axe. Will you make some sort of leather sheath for protection of the edge?