Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A Visit from Freddy Roman


This past weekend, Julia and I were privileged to host my good friend Freddy Roman. Freddy is a period furniture maker and restorer in Littleton, MA. His resume is astounding and his drive to excel is unbelievable. The man loves his work and it is inspiring to be around him.

The weekend was a lot of fun. Freddy came up on Friday night and left Sunday afternoon. We got up early on Saturday and went to Liberty Tool Company and Captain Tinkham’s in Searsport. We both got some good stuff. My favorites were this 26” wooden bodied try (jointer) plane, a wonderful Thomas Appleton toothing plane, and a 2” firmer socket chisel. This along with other miscellaneous doodads barely sent me over $100. What a deal.

 26" try plane
Close up on try plane

Toothing Plane

2" Firmer

After tool hunting, we got lunch in Brooklin and I introduced him to my good friend David’s incredible espresso. We then stopped by my humble studio and talked shop. We also got to drop in at the Jonathan Fisher House. I gave him a personal tour and we spent a good amount of time discussing the collection there. Before we knew it, three hours had passed and I felt like I only skimmed the surface of the Fisher story. Freddy seemed to enjoy himself at the House and I very much appreciated his insightful feedback. It was great to be able to bounce my thoughts off such an astute craftsman.

The long overdue roof - clapboards on next!

After I exploited his intellect, I then took advantage of his muscle. Freddy helped me install the rafters over the mud oven. These things were unwieldy so it was great to have another pair of hands. Once they were installed we enjoyed the fruits of our labor: the oven remunerated us with wood-fired pizza for dinner.

Freddy left Sunday afternoon after we got home from church in Bangor. We were sad to see him go. We had a great few days and look forward to the next time we see him. In two weeks we will be driving down together to DonWilliam’s place in VA for Groopstock AKA “DonCamp” 2014, this year’s Professional Refinisher’s Group Conference. It will be a blast I know.

If you haven’t seen Freddy’s brand spankin new website yet, check it out here: http://periodcraftsmen.com

Take a look at his portfolio and prepare to be amazed.


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