Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Tavern Table Completed!

Last night Eden and I fastened the table's top to the frame. I decided to do all the painting and prep work the week before because Eden really wanted to bring this thing home and use it. I made the pine top from an old board with splits and nail holes. It had all the right marks of age. Trans Tint dyes evened out the color and orange shellac built up a coating. After drying, the shellac was rubbed with Liberon #0000 steel wool.

Last night in the shop all we had to do was nail it in place. Below is the photo gallery of our mid 18th century joined "tavern" table.

Woods: Poplar (frame), Pine (top)
Dimensions: H: 21 1/2" W of top: 17 1/4" L of top: 25 3/4"

In the white with pins cut slightly protruding to simulate shrinkage

 Trans Tint Dye in the wood

First coat of paint. (50/50 Waterlox and BLO with black pigment)

Second coat of paint

A period example of worn painted surface from a "Hitchcock" chair

My attempt at reproducing it

Salvaged hand wrought nails to nail the top on


Color scheme based on the Met's Portsmouth tavern table

Nailed down through the top and black dye mimicking rust stain in the surrounding wood

Beveled underside of the top

Final surface was coated with flat shellac and rubbed with wax and #0000 Liberon steel wool

Rub-through detail shot

underside w/ label

Underneath the stretchers

Under stretchers showing tenon layout lines

Paper label attached with hide glue

Burnished edge of table top

A happy boy

At home eager to try it out

And this is the first place he went after waking up in the morning accompanied by Jim the crocodile and "Crocodilian George" the snake.


  1. Fantastic job Eden and Joshua! What great and lasting memories you've made with this project. Not to mention an absolutely gorgeous piece of furniture. Tavern tables, along with Windsor chairs are my favorite pieces.
    Looking forward to seeing what Eden has planned next; cuz you just KNOW this won't be his last piece. :-)

    1. Thanks, Jamie. We had a great time doing it. We still have that trestle dining table to work on. And I think he needs a little bit classier chair for his school work table now. We'll see what develops.

  2. Josh,

    That is AWESOME!!!! I love the P A T I N A= Patina Patina Patina. I love it. We need to talk about patina methods. Great job.

    1. Let's do it, bro. I'll show you whatever you'd like to know. Thanks a lot.

  3. Great build.
    The paper label is a nice touch.


    1. Yes, Jonas. Posterity will appreciate it too.

  4. I guess if there is anyone to put a faux antique finish on a piece it would be a conservator. I can say I know you did a fantastic job to great effect. Nice touch on the nails.

  5. Thanks, Caleb. I always admire your planes. One of these days I might just try my hand at making one. Thanks for blogging to share what you do.

  6. Gorgeous! I really like the tavern table form. I've been wanting to build one for a while.