Saturday, May 10, 2014

Panel Door Rehabilitation

I had a few panel doors from a sideboard come into the studio not too long ago. One of the door's panels had dramatically warped and somehow broke in half. Additionally, there were several ill-conceived veneer patches. (One of which was actually a piece of birch plywood.) Because the broken panel was so damaged and the veneer on it was already poorly patched, it was decided that I would fabricate a new panel, repair the rails and stiles and patch the veneer losses.

Before Treatment

Before Treatment
Broken Joinery and missing veneer

Veneer patches?

Previous patch on front of broken panel

The straightedge reveals the warpage of the clamped together panel

A new substrate

Crotch mahogany veneer

Hammer veneering with hide glue

New panel veneered

Removing inappropriate patches

Cutting new patches to fit

Patches glued with hide glue

Beveling the panel to fit into the frame

Fitting the panel

Dry fitting it in place

Now repairing the severed through tenons - cleaning out the mortise

Through mortise cleaned out

All mortises cleared and floating tenons made to fit

Preparing to glue the finished panel in place

Hide glue again

Panel glued

After Treatment and installed

This was a fun one. A nice before and after kind of project.


  1. Joshua,

    You are the MAN!!!! Great job as usual and expected. I must say what a beautiful sideboard!!!!

  2. Do you have stock of mahogany crotch veneer on hand or do you know a supplier who can find you such pieces to match your needs?
    I want you to describe the panel failure in a bit more details if you will. Whenever I come across a split panel I look for a nail that some dimwitted handyman decided to drive into in order to make a quick repair. Since this piece showed signs of inappropriate veneer patching, do you think that the panel damage was caused by the previous veneer patching or was this problem all related to original construction and/ or materials?

  3. Potomacker,

    I get my veneer from Certainly Wood. You can check out their new stock here: I used African (khaya) Mahogany Crotch.
    The damaged resulted from a leaking ceiling incident. Water was dripping down onto the door causing it to... well... blow up, I guess.
    Thanks for your comments!

  4. That is true artistry Joshua, it shows through in every piece that you show us. Great job.

    1. Thank you, Ryan. I am so glad that folks find things of interest here. It's great to get feedback and know what people enjoy seeing. Have a great day!