Sunday, May 4, 2014

May is Upon Us

The studio has been full for a while now and I have been in high gear trying to meet some financial goals we have. Lots of furniture has been moving through now. I am so grateful that I still have a backlog this time of year. Usually things are very slow at the end of winter and springtime.

By the way, If any of you readers were thinking about calling me for work this year, now’s the time. Turnaround will be much quicker this time of year. Promise.

 19th century bamboo windsor chair disassembled

Repairing historic sash windows 

Final touches
Eden's first furniture delivery

A couple of Saturdays ago, Eden came along on his first delivery. He had to get dressed up in his “meeting clothes” and received coaching about proper behavior at client’s houses. It went really well. I knew these clients would enjoy meeting him anyway. He did great and was very respectful. I was a proud Papa. 


We did our first bake this season in the mud oven. The bread turned out excellent. After the bake, we stoked the fire back up to make pizzas with some friends. It was delicious. I can’t wait for the next pizza party. 


Also the maple season ended a while ago and we finished boiling down the sap. We got about a gallon. It won’t go all that far. I think we’ll end up putting out more taps in the future.

 Spring harvest

Our greenhouse is bursting with food. We have been giving away greens to friends and family. It is a great feeling to have an overabundance this early in the year.

Bedside reading has been really great lately. Can't wait to put this into action!
Molding plane at rest
Pegs made and ready for assembly

Eden and I got his tavern table assembled the other night. I began the painting and patinating process as well. We plan to finally attach the top on Monday night and that will be it. He will have his own table to do his homeschool work. He’s happy.

Table assembly
Pegs detail shot
Splitting wood is quickly becoming a welcome seasonal respite.
Garden beds staked out ready for filling

We’ve been getting our garden renovations underway. We’re switching over to raised beds because our clay heavy soil was soggy for almost the entire growing season last year. This new property of ours is wonderful in so many ways but the soil is very hard to garden in. We are trying out the “lasagna” method of building beds with layers of green and brown with peat moss in between. You sow into soil on the top layer and the theory goes that the layers underneath turn to compost throughout the year. You’re basically planting in a compost pile. We’ll see how it goes. Worst case next season we till it over and have amazingly rich soil.

Two beds down, four more to go (for this year)


  1. Those fresh baked rolls looked absolutely magnificent. People who have never baked their own bread are sadly missing out on one of the very good things in life.
    A roll like that still warm with some butter on it... A lot of store bought bread is pure and simple an insult to the consumer.

    The shed in the background of the last picture is looking really good. Is it the one you built for the goats?


    1. Jonas,

      I fully agree. We caught the sourdough bread bug almost a decade ago and have been working hard since to be able to produce loaves like this. It is always a magical moment when you pull the loaf out of the oven.
      Yes, that is our goat shed. It has some nice weathering going on since it was built last summer. Black staining from the nails, greying of the boards... I love that look.

  2. Josh,

    You are such an inspiration. Wow!!! I am always speechless after reading your blog-I have a long way to go. Thank you for the inspiration. I look forward to seeing you again soon.

    1. I feel the same about you, Freddy. Your woodworking skills are light years ahead of mine. I wish I could spend some time apprenticing under you. I hope you can come up to visit us soon.