Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Roughness of the Season

We caught the bug. Lots of sick. Lots of yucky. Thankful to be resting and recovering now. I bury myself in my books (Phyfe and Agreeable Situations) while the others are napping.

Right before this little diversion, I was getting some stuff done in the studio.

These bracket feet were smashed to smithereens. (I don’t even know what smithereens are but that sure looks like what I imagine smithereens to look like.) I figured out where the puzzle pieces go together, heated up my glue, found a couple of clamps and “Viola”!

Anyone got another clamp I can borrow?

Yay Shellac!

Also wanted to share this detail shot of the tiger maple desk I delivered. This is the beauty of an amber low molecular weight spirit varnish applied thin and rubbed to satin sheen. Mmmm. Yummy.

So as we heal on this winter evening and I sip a coffee with my nose in my books, I think back on some advice a new found friend of mine has written…

“I proceed now to consider dancing. This is an amusement, which some esteem an indispensable embellishment. Some things may be said in its favor and some things against it. In its favor may it be urged, that it is good amusement for now and then a winter evening, when the roughness of the season renders rural amusements impracticable, that it gives a graceful appearance to the body, and ease to the manners; that it introduces us to a civil intercourse with the softer sex, and thus assists in refining our natural roughness; that it is an exercise, that causes copious perspiration, and thus used with prudence has a tendency to promote our health… Sometimes when we become dull and sleepy over our books; in such case it will do very well for chums, or neighboring classmates to jump up, and take a little scuffle together, and if they don’t scuffle too hard; it will at least awaken them up a little, and though it would appear boyish on the common, it will do very well “sub rosa” (out of sight).”
-J. Fisher ‘On Amusements’

For those you trying to imagine what we look like dancing.

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  1. Nice dancing picture. Many of us from our church and some of our neighbours have been learning contra-dancing.