Saturday, February 22, 2014

Don Williams on "Gap-Filling and Flexible Adhesives for Wood Conservation"

My friend, Don Williams, gave this lecture at the Getty Conservation Institute a while back and I thought the talk was excellent. Understanding the hygroscopic nature of wood is essential to treating furniture with splits from expansion. The wood will swell again and the gap will close so if you have inserted an inflexible fill material, further damage is inevitable.

The second bit I found fascinating is Don's discussion about the gram strength of hide glue and how higher strength glue in real life makes a joint that could be potentially weaker than lower gram strength glue. This would be (theoretically) due to the great loss of water during drying causing extreme shrinkage. (Higher gram strengths require more water than lower gram strengths.)

Don has also graciously shared his paper on the topic here. Thanks, Don!


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