Thursday, January 16, 2014

Shhh... Secret Compartments!

Been working on this tiger maple slant front desk. Water damaged coating, sides of the carcase shrunk leaving the drawer faces proud of the dividers by about ¼”, all the runners are extremely worn. I have been making good progress (none of which is shown in these 'before treatment' pictures).

Oh yeah, I found some secret compartments too. They were hidden quite well. I am sure no one has known about them for a good long time judging by what I found inside them. I found about a half inch of dust and debris in each of the six boxes. No hidden treasure here.

 Here’s how the compartment works…

First you pull out the lowermost drawer inside the desk.

 Then reach your arm all the way to the back of the drawer housing and push down on the floor.

This will cause the secret door to hinge up.  (You can see light coming up through because the back boards are off at the moment.)

The door to the compartment

You can pull the door completely up and out.

A view from the backside without the back boards

Once the door is removed you can sneak your fingers down into the hole and pull up these little boxes one at a time. Pretty cool.

Oh what to put in these little boxes!

In other news, I heard a wonderful episode of Maine Calling today on MPBN. They had Peter Korn, director of the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship and Stuart Kestenbaum director of Haystack Mountain School of Crafts discussing “Why We Make Things”. It was a good listen and I could restrain myself... I had to call in. I got my two minutes and was able to ask them a question. It was a good show. Take a listen here: Why We Make Things


  1. Joshua,

    This is amazing. Thank you for sharing. As always you are awesome and I am certain you will make this bad boy beautiful.

    Lastly, I too listened to MPR and heard the interview, but sadly you weren't on it.


    1. Thanks Freddy. Listen for "Joshua from Brooklin" at somewhere around 23:00. I hope you're doing well, friend.