Monday, January 6, 2014

2014: Resolved To Do More Sitting Around

Well, not exactly. Truthfully, though, Julia and I spent some good time doing some end of the year recollection and scrutinizing. This year has been the most intense year of our lives and so much of it felt out of control. Our schedule burst at the seams just about every month of 2013. We started writing down all the things we spent our time on last year. By the end of it, we had three pages of pretty significant events. Between helping friends, lots of traveling, involvement in multiple weddings, chickens, goats, building, musical performances, reenacting, gardening, teaching bible studies, etc… No wonder we still feel exhausted from the year.

On the bright side, we’ve survived and we are a bit wiser having been that irresponsible with our energy and time. 2014 will not be 2013 all over again. We already have ideas about this next year and so we are putting the brakes on and have decided to make a realistic and concrete plan for the year so that we don’t kill ourselves doing too much. I wanna live to see my 30th birthday.

Some projects I finished up before we left for Christmas.

A new stretcher I turned and finished for a side chair

We just got back from Washington for Christmas. It was great spending time with my family again. Eden loves those guys so much and I know we all had a wonderful and restful time.

My dad showing Eden the firetrucks he sells.

A sweet cookie made by Julia

The Kleins have a weird sense of cookie decorating.

Seattle seen from the new ferris wheel

A little friendly wrassling.

We left for WA just after the two huge snow storms and before the big ice storm. Our sweet neighbors who were watching over the animals had to deal with no power to the animals’ waters in subzero weather all week long. They really got more than they bargained for. Just before we got home the downed powerline was removed from our driveway and the power was restored. I did have to chisel the ice shroud off both of our vehicles in order to get into them but we eventually managed. (Ps. Before you try wailing on your car to get the frozen door freed, make sure you check that the car isn’t locked. If I had done that it might have saved me about an hour and forty five minutes of frustration! Doh!)

We had a superb Christmas. We made Eden a play kitchen (salvaged from a dilapidated night stand) because he has been begging for one. After I stayed up two nights in a row until 2 or 3 o’clock to finish it, Eden said to us upon opening it, “Wow! That must have taken a lot of time and hard work!” Amen. That was what I wanted to hear. The kid loves it and I am so glad.

A captivating winter walk to finish off the year.


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