Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ukulele Restorer Howard Greenberg

I recently got back word on the finished project from a student of mine. Howard called a while back to inquire about lessons on French polishing and amalgamation of coatings. He is an emerging ukulele restorer working in Northport, Maine with luthier Neal Flewelling.

The early nitrocellulose lacquer on this uke was in very poor condition. We worked through inpainting losses with shellac and dyes, then moved to amalgamation with very slow evaporating solvents. This process wet the existing coating again and allowed the cracks to meld back together. We had a few sessions together. Howard, with his visual art background, did all the work. I was just there to offer tips and to be a cheerleader.

Howard is definitely a skilled technician. It seems he does high level work that both he and his mentor Neal should be proud of. If you have a uke you would like restored, I recommend you contact Howard at


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