Friday, August 23, 2013

Meditations From an Antiquarian

For you non-Blue Hillians, I scanned this week's newspaper clipping of an article I wrote reflecting on why I believe people value antique furniture.

You can read the whole thing here: Antique Furniture: A Portal to the Past

What are your thoughts on the topic? Anything you would change or add?


  1. I would agree with you that family heirloom/antiques should have more importance put on them. The story needs to be past down to the next generation. I am still a sucker for a garage or auction sale find that everyone else passes over, I always feel like I rescued it from the brink of destruction. Very well written article by the way. It makes me wonder what the Ikea generation will have to pass down to thier kids and grandkids, nothing beside wastefulness is my guess. Regards Ryan

  2. Well written article Joshua. Reading something like this always makes me think about time spent with my father and mother. It also makes me think what Eden will have to remember us by. Love, Dad

  3. Ryan, I suppose there will be little left for the next generation. It is a tragedy for sure. I am working on my generation. I'm trying to get them to see the associative value in these objects.

  4. Thanks, Dad. Eden does cherish everything you guys give him. I just can't wait until he learns to take care of his toys a little better. If he keeps it up like this any longer he won't have much left when he's an adult. This boy was made to hit, stomp on, and crush stuff.