Friday, July 12, 2013

The July Bustle

This has been an excellent July so far. Right before the Independence Day festivities I was able to squeak out some upholstery and structural repairs. I thought this fabric was very appropriate as I completed it the day before the parade.

On the 3rd, Julia performed with the Bagaduce Pops Singers at the 2013 Bagaduce Music Lending Library POPS Concert. They did a wonderful medley from the Lion King Broadway show. That performance is in the two videos below. (Julia is the beautiful redhead in the center front.)

Also, one of our favorite musicians, Gordon Bok performed a small set. Time magazine has aptly called him the “poet laureate of those who go down to the sea in ships”. As a folklorist, Gordon sing songs of the sea, sailing, and fishing in the good old Maine and New Brunswick heritage. Gordon has given me kind permission to record and share one of his songs from the evening’s set. Here it is:

On the fourth, we attended the Brooklin parade again this year. Being at these events reminds us how wonderful it is to live in a small community. Left and right we were greeting family, friends, and neighbors.

The parade was in true Maine humor... We had some creative floats this year: First was the “Brooklin Picnic Blackfly Attack”...

...followed by the “Lobsters Have Their Day” float complete with the shouting caged tourists while one poor soul was already in the pot cooking.

Eden got his fill of candy. I’d say he made out pretty good but next year I think we are going to make sure he wears shorts without pockets.

Finally, with the help of our dear friend Jessica (visiting from Alaska), we got the earthen oven complete. I made a 2x pine door which we laid the mud up to so that we will have a tight seal. The doorway we framed with cardboard and built the cob on top of that. Now we will let it dry a couple of weeks and try again with the firing. (Our first attempt at baking was a perfect storm of a failure.)

This weekend we're off to Leonard's Mills for the summer Living History Days. If you're in the area, come visit us on Saturday or Sunday. We'll be reenacting in the cabin again.


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