Monday, July 1, 2013

Meeting our Doelings for the First Time

Today we got to visit the Nigerian dwarf doelings we will be taking home in a few weeks. Less than a month old, these two really are sweeties. We are excited to have goats soon as they will make such a beautiful addition to our life. Right now we have a few weeks to whip together a little shelter for these squat little friends.

These are the two that we are taking home:
One blue-eyed buckskin and one darling little Cou.

The rest of their herd


  1. They look very nice and sweet. I even learned a new English word today: Doelings, a marvellous word.
    Are they able to cope with winter weather? Having been in Nigeria a couple of times I must say that they are more likely used to a hot and humid climate than a freezing winter.

  2. Hi Jonas,
    Yes, they are able to cope well to winter weather. Even though they are originally from Nigeria they are relatively common in my area of Maine. We do have some pretty resolute winters here but they manage just fine. Just to make them extra cushy though we are going to build their house off the back of the thermal mass wall of the greenhouse so that when we hit below zero, they can walk over closer to the wall to keep a little warmer if they so desire.
    I've been watching that massive door build of yours. Pretty amazing! Great job, Jonas.