Saturday, July 20, 2013

A Much Needed Deluge

Getting some more studio time this weekend... I assembled a reproduction Queen Anne stool for a client.

This other project I have is to extend the legs on a couple upholstered chairs. The legs needed to be refinished at the same time so I scarfed extensions on, planed and sanded them flush, and began finishing them.

On the homefront…

I’ve been all alone this weekend. Julia and Eden are away camping but I decided to stay back. I didn’t want to be in a tent in a rainstorm in case this hernia decided to act up again. Instead, I stayed back and (carefully) worked on the shed. No heavy lifting. Just nail banging.

The clinched Z cleat door is coming along but I do need to find a pair of nice antique strap hinges to hang it. Not sure where to find them locally (ie. quickly). Any ideas?

I got all the siding on which was reverse board and batten style. The nails are all 3” Tremont rosehead standards. They do not have any finish on them so not long from now they will develop that wonderful weathered black staining.

The door trim is on.

I have a few bundles of cedar shingles waiting for some action.

After a bright and sunny day, out of nowhere this massive downpour burst out of the sky accompanied by a tempest of wind. Everything was flailing around pretty good. My grilling was hampered, the mud oven was getting sprayed sideways, and my van windows were wide open. Fortunately I had just finished putting all my tools away before it came. I dashed out the door to get things closed and covered from the storm.

And then it was over about three minutes later. The rain ceased and the sun came out again. Wow. Didn’t see that one coming. I think I got more wet in those three minutes than I have in a while. It was a lot of fun. I need that kind of thing once in a while: a nice downpour to end a hot work day. I feel pretty good now.


  1. That is a good looking shed.
    is it going to be used for gardening tools?
    I have wanted to try and make something with wooden shingles ever since I saw a shingle plane machine at a live museum in Sweden a couple of years ago.

  2. Hi Jonas,
    Thanks for your compliments. It will start out as a goat shed for our goats. Then next year I will build them a permanent larger barn with milking station, etc. So when they move out of this one, it will become our garden shed.

  3. Josh, Home Depot sells some nice antique strap hinges by Acorn. They seem to be holding up well on my barn.

  4. Home Depot carries Acorn? Awesome. I might try that if all else fails this week. Thanks for the tip, Jerry.

  5. you folks are amazing> Makes me wish I was your neighbor


  6. So I just saw a bee hive exactly like yours in a William-Sonoma catalog for $500 which I though a bit comical. Just out of curiosity how much in materials would you say you put into yours?

  7. Well, Joshua, let's see... the boards I salvaged from a friend's remodeling project, the shingles were leftover from my father-in-law's roofing job years ago, the screws are always in stock in my barn, I used a few drops of yellow glue for the cleats... Um.. Well, the only thing I bought was a $16 bottle of true Anise essential oil for the bees. I honestly cannot think of any other expenses. $500 sounds high but you figure brand new materials and labor and I think it sounds fair.

  8. I always admire people who can make a good furniture. Even if I have access to good wood, I would prefer to buy from a reputable home furniture store than risk a day of making one. Some talents were for the selected few. I wish I could do half of what you can do with that chair. Nice job!