Tuesday, June 25, 2013

June's Progress

This weekend I had granite blocks delivered from Freshwater Stone in Orland, Maine. I purchased these offcuts from the Spring sale they had a couple weeks ago. They will be used as foundation for the studio. The sills will sit right on top of the granite keeping the building nice and dry.

Andy showed up in his truck as we were packing up to head out to church on Sunday. Fortunately it didn’t take too long to unload them and we made it to the service in time.

I am finishing up a pine table top for a client right now. The top had years of surface grime. I removed the grime and old coating with ethanol and applied an oil/varnish blend for a more protective “oiled” look. The texture is nice and satiny now.

In other news, we cut the door to the oven and pulled the sand out yesterday. It was pretty amazing how packed the sand was making it sort of a chore to dig out. But all went smoothly and we lit a fire inside to help the drying process. Even though we have yet to do the outermost layer of cob we plan to try a bake in the oven tomorrow night for a trial run.

(Ps. Anyone who can make it next week for the next step in cob stomping, you are welcome to come. It’ll be a lot of fun again. I promise no bees this time.)

I took a fire lit video of the inside of the oven.

Julia’s preparing the dough for tomorrow’s bake.


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