Thursday, April 4, 2013

Candlestand: Assembled and "In the White"

After a few passes with a smoothing plane, I finished up the top surface with a cabinet scraper.

Laid out the top

Marking gauge to the proper thickness of the top.

Beginning to thickness with a scrub plane: First down to the marking gauge line on all four sides and then across grain in the middle.

Finished up the underside with a finely set jack plane.

Bandsawn top

Cleaned up edges with spokeshave followed by sandpaper.

Legs sanded and waiting glue-up.

Finally the glue!

Fitting the battens to the underside of the top.

Pivoting action. Walnut pin to keep the top locked into place.

Carving at the base of the pedestal. (You're looking at it upside down)

Finished and "in the white". Now it's time for color, grain fill, and shellac!