Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tavern Table and Maple Syrupping

Eden with his licorice pipe to be like Papa.

I’ve begun building Eden a small oval top “tavern” table for use as a writing /craft table. Since I have some poplar leftover from the bed build, I will use that. It will be a poplar base with an 18” wide one board top. I currently have two legs done. And let me tell you, this one’s going a lot faster than the bed. The small stock really make a difference. My rate this time is about two hours per leg. Still not flying but a lot better than last time.

This is the table I am basing it on. This image is sourced at AAAWT and they have a number of other examples to view here: AAAWT Tavern Tables.

On the homefront… We’ve been tapping our few maple trees. It has been pretty fun. We rigged up a rusty old $25 woodstove, surrounded it with concrete blocks, and stuck a short stove pipe on it. With a little fussing it works pretty well. This afternoon, Julia finished off our first quart of syrup! Hmmmm…. I see pancakes in my near future.


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