Wednesday, March 6, 2013

19th C. Chippendale Corner Chair

Object Description: 19th Century Chippendale Corner Chair

Object Condition: The chair was received in overall distressed condition. There were large areas of color and coating loss on both arms and the crest rail and minor loss on acanthus carving of knees. The coating on the back was severely water damaged, leaving a cloudy appearance (blooming).

The front and proper right legs were considerably loose. The rush seat was completely broken through with no structural integrity remaining.

Object Treatment: The rush seat was completely removed and the frame set aside for cleaning. The entire chair was vacuumed with a brush attachment before liquid cleaning. The first stage of liquid cleaning was an aqueous Vulpex solution rinsed with distilled H2O followed by a petroleum distillate cleaning (VM&P Naphtha).

Next the front and proper right legs were disassembled using hot water and wedging leverage. After a few dowels were repaired and the joints cleaned the two legs were reglued using hot hide glue.

Color loss was addressed with application of NGR dye carried in ethanol over the chair’s entire surface. After dried, the color was further added by means of oil based pigmented stain in the same manner as the dye. Once the color was restored, two coats of orange waxy shellac with flattening agent were brushed on. After curing, the final surface was lightly scuff sanded with “very fine” synthetic steel wool and paste waxed with #0000 Liberon Steel Wool.

Finally, a new fibre rush seat was woven onto frame and the finished seat received one coat of flattened shellac.



  1. Wow! That looks amazing and like it took many hours to make so beautiful again.

  2. Thanks, guys! The feedback is encouraging. Be well...

  3. That is amazing work. done right and done well.

  4. im curious if this chair has a mark on it i have one that was bought in an estate auction in 1970 that has XVII and an H on the bottom anyone know anything

    1. I don't have the chair anymore to look for those marks. Usually the roman numbering means it was part of a set. H may be a manufacturer's mark or the owner may have put their initial on it. Hard to say without looking at it.

  5. thanks i appreciate the information i thought the h was for 8th in a set and the xvii was louis the 17th since thats how i found it online doing a search for chippendale and louis the 17th. the marks appear original but i cant find anything else about it,the auctioneer came the next day with a book and said to take care of it it was a 5000 dollar chair in 1970. any direction on how to find out more? or a book to look at ,