Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Stage Two: Excavation Complete

Stage two of the studio construction is completed! This past Saturday my neighbor Jeff came over to do the site work. Both he and his partner were expert with the excavator. I couldn’t help but notice how the bucket seemed like an extension of their arms. It was really impressive.

They first tackled the driveway, making quick work of it. Then they tore up the grass and topsoil where the building will be done. They brought in quite a bit of fine gravel and leveled it out really nice. I also had them pull up some of the red pine stumps we cut a few weeks ago. Then we put in a two car parking lot near the road and continued the driveway down the front of the building spot. This will be nice to have vehicles back up for loading and unloading situations.

It goes without saying that Eden thought the whole thing was a riot. He loved the excavator and all the ruckus it made.

Site work complete!

View from where the bench window will be.

Thank you again to all of you who contributed to the fundraising campaign to get this project launched. It really means so much to my family to have your support.

This is the last step we will be accomplishing before snowfall. To be continued on the other side of winter. For now, it's time to hibernate...


  1. You said it Jamie! I am pretty excited to get this thing going. Thanks for sharing my enthusiasm!