Friday, November 9, 2012

Building a Studio: Stage One Complete!

So it has officially begun. The studio building project is under way. A couple Saturday mornings ago I had my arborist brother-in-law, Mike, and two of his buddies to come over to take down a few trees. We took down a hand full of red pines and poplars.

Mike did a great job teaching me how to fell a tree with a chainsaw. I was only used to (and comfortable with) taking down small trees with an axe. Big macho scary chainsaws are a bit much for my taste. But I did it. And I still have all my appendages.

We were able to get a good little collection of red pine logs we’re going to mill up. I will hopefully be able to get boards for part of the inside of the studio.

Monday morning Mike came back with chipper in tow. He and I spent only an hour and a half sending the downed trees through. Intimidating machine, for sure. Julia and Eden watched on from a distance, Eden administering the events with hoots and hollers.

So make a check on stage one. We’ve cleared the way for my neighbor, Jeff, to come to do the site work. It’s scheduled for about two weeks from now.


  1. Exciting stuff Joshua. I'm very happy for you. Can't wait to follow along on this build. That pine looks like some pretty nice stuff. I hope you find a use for it in the studio somewhere. That would just add to the coolness factor if you could use some lumber that you got off the land. This is gonna be such a nice place.

  2. Thanks, Jamie. I really appreciate your support! It's a pretty exciting project. I'd love to have you come see it sometime if you're up this way at all. I am so inspired by your saw making and various other posts. Keep it up.