Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Holdfasts Blacksmith Style

For my birthday, my dear wife let me commission a local blacksmith to make me a pair of holdfasts. After finding the right man, I got together some specs on what I wanted. I found out that the Koontz holdfasts were made from 11/16” cold rolled steel for 3/4” bench holes. This is what I was after.

I also decided that I wanted a shepherd’s hook style (like the later Koontz variety) rather than the low profile version. Boy, do these puppies hold securely! They are really easy to set, hold like the dickens, and are really easy to release. Check it out:

I had Jerry Gallant from Kenduskeg, Maine make them for me. He has an excellent 18th century style blacksmith shop that he works out of. His specialty is making reproduction cannons. Here is a video tour of his shop:

And here are his cannons firing:

Pretty impressive, I’d say. If you don’t know a blacksmith in your area but want blacksmith made holdfasts, you can give Jerry at call at (207) 659-0118.


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