Saturday, July 28, 2012

Watch out Peter Follansbee!

Well, Eden and I have been collecting a few tools to begin our 17th Century Joinery Adventures. All we need is my blacksmith friend to finish up my froe and here we come white oak trees! The Alexander and Follansbee book has been very inspiring for us.

Also, we have been building our Underhill Spring pole lathe on our Tuesday workshop nights. It's coming along a rate consonant with a three year old's attention span... It might be another month or so on the lathe.

So, thanks for the inspiration, Peter. Many Saturday mornings have been spent with Eden asking to watch the "lave turning wood" and the man "bonking it wif a chisel". We look forward to sharing our projects on the Diary.


  1. You should take down the picture of your son. There are weird people in this world who would drag you into court claiming you are negligent parents endangering your child if they see this posting. One slip and he could seriously injure himself. The other thing is it could even come back to haunt you in case there ( God forbid ) ever be a child custody battle...just writing my immediate reaction to the what will others think?....

  2. Hey stranger, thanks for the heads up. I'll let that roll around in my noggin a bit. I have been working with him a lot in the shop and he and I have gotten him to understand sharp tools and how to be careful. I never leave him alone with these tools. In fact, I was standing two or three feet away during the picture while the chisel was resting on the wood and he was hitting with the mallet in a very controlled manner.
    But thanks for your thoughts. I appreciate it!

    1. Mr. klein,
      I never doubted for a moment what you have written in regard to the picture. I also know there are zealots out there who would report it to child services and you may be in hot water. I have also been reading a Book about relating horror stories of how people thought the were posting something rather innocent online and in the end, it cost them their jobs, custody of their childred, other people's good will toward them.
      I did the comment as a kindness to you and not to be picky. He's very cute and I feel sure you are responsible...."stranger"

  3. Teaching your son how to handle a tool properly is a life skill not a security risk. I hope my son swings a mallet just as well when he is that age. Keep up the good work with your son.

    Aaron in Whitby, Ontario

  4. Thanks, Aaron. Agreed. Teaching is the key. It's important to be actively showing them what to do, not just what they shouldn't touch. Thanks for your input!